Last Goodbye

May I hold you?

He extended his hand to her, praying she would take his offer. No words passed between them as time ticked by. She studied him, trying to read his thoughts. A smile formed on her lips as she placed her hand in his. Carefully, he lifted her from the chair and wrapped an arm about her small waist. He held her close; her perfume filled his senses with a flood of happy memories. Like all the ones before, he wanted this moment to be imprinted – forever.

May I be your shield?

Gently guiding her around the room, he noted her fragile figure. It made his heart cry. They had been through so much, and he was not ready to accept this as the end. She had fought hard through every obstacle; defying the odds at every turn. The pit in his stomach told him she no longer had the same push anymore; the same battle stance to take it all on. As his heart lowered to the floor with the ultimate realization, he looked deep into her eyes. The sparkle, though faint, was still there. She was still with him, but the light was beginning to fade.

May I love you?

After several minutes of dancing, she was done – not having the energy for more. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to bed, making her as comfortable as he could. Each breath she took was shallower than before, and she tried to speak. He held a finger to his lips and shook his head, tears threatening to fall. It was suddenly happening too fast. She was slipping away. Gathering her up into his arms, he rocked her gently back and forth. He wanted to sing their song to her, but his voice cracked and nothing came out. She opened her eyes at the sound of him trying to sing, mouthing the words to the song. The tears couldn’t be held back any longer.
“All that’s made me,

is all worth trading,

just to have one moment with you…”
“I love you,” she mouthed as she closed her eyes.

“I love you too…” his voice shook.

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