The Little Time Traveler

It was his masterpiece; a simple cardboard box created by a little boy’s imagination. As a canvas for his markers, colorful lines swirled along the sides. Each line told a story of excitement and adventure: thrilling times for a little boy and his ever faithful companion. He held Teddy in his arms, knowing his friend’s purpose took much care to achieve; his protector from terrible evils.

Lively blue eyes glanced at the fuzzy friend as a big grin was plastered on the little boy’s face. The things they had seen on their journeys, defied everything the world had tried to teach them to believe, but they maintained they were too young to believe the world’s words. They just wanted to explore the universe for themselves.

Gathering himself up, he sat Teddy down in a chair and made his way to his closet. Sifting through the shirts and trousers, he found his travel clothes and presents them to Teddy; a brown newsboy cap, pants, and shoes with a plaid bow-tie and suspenders. He also found Teddy’s matching plaid bow-tie and a green tweed travelling jacket. Together, they got dressed and assessed their appearance in the mirror.

“That oughta do it,” he said, straightening his bowtie and snapping his suspenders in the mirror.

The boy carried his companion into the decorated box. To the far side, there was a much smaller box; knobs, buttons, and levers, were painted on with a child’s precision. He set Teddy down next to the small box. Pushing some buttons and spinning some knobs, the box came alive; whining and swishing. He continued to play with the knobs and buttons, as he had done so many times before.

“Are you ready?” He asked Teddy.

A quiet hum began when he pulled the lever. They were on their way into the magical unknown; to explore, meet new people, and get into plenty of trouble. As the box whirled, swerving and lurching, he pulled the levers frantically. He wanted to make this an adventure they would never forget, where ever or when ever they landed.

“Let’s do this!”

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