Little Prehistoric Traveler

“Whatcha think, Teddy?”

A charmed smile radiated beyond the little boy’s lips; eyes full of a hunger to meddle with his curiosities. His imagination was ablaze, and yet, Teddy remained silent. He pressed buttons as quickly as he could. The box spun and lurched, tossing him and Teddy across the box. All of a sudden, with the box spinning out of control, he had no idea where they were going. Without him at the controls, they were flying through time and space – blind.

“We’re gonna crash!”

Unsteady feet tried to regain their balance while being thrown about like a towel. Out of no where, they felt a loud thud and were hurled towards the door. The boy was slow to his feet, but he brushed himself off and tucked Teddy under his arm.

“Looks like we’re here!” He exclaimed, excitement churning through his thoughts.

He fiddled with their bow-ties, and plastered a cheeky grin on his face, just in case. Together, they opened the door. What they saw, was not what they expected to find. It was a lush, green landscape, with the sun high overhead. There was nothing else in their immediate line of sight, and the little boy was confused.

“Teddy, where do you think we are?” He gave Teddy a quizzical look and the bear shrugged.

“Well then, let’s go!”

Lifting one foot high into the air, he held Teddy close as they started their exploration. He was mesmerized by the unknown; what they could possibly find. As his foot touched the ground, the earth shook.

“Was that…me?” The boy asked Teddy.

Again, he lifted his food into the air. The ground trembled once more and he toppled over, having lost his balance. Branches groaned and cracked as the shaking continued.

“Definitely not me!” He shouted as he scrambled to his feet.

The words had barely left his lips when the culprit came into view. He couldn’t believe his eyes, and tried to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. The large creature slowly passed in front of them. A Brachiosaurus, with its long neck extended high, paid him no heed. Close on its heels were two not so little ones, just trotting along behind.

“Look, Teddy! A real, live DINOSAUR!” He squealed, nearly leaping out of his shoes with excitement.

The creature stopped walking, and turned its head towards the shrill sounds coming from the strange little boy. He clapped his hands over his mouth, regretting his sounds of excitement and hoping he wasn’t about to be a new addition to the lunch menu. The dinosaur didn’t eat meat, but he didn’t want to risk them testing him out as a ‘just curious’.

He turned on his heel and was about ready to bolt towards the box when he felt himself being lifted off the ground. He tried to free himself from his jacket, but found that the dinosaur’s grip on his clothing was beyond his strength. As he hung in the air, with Teddy dangling with him, he looked around to see if anything else came into his view. Nothing did, fortunately. As gently as a giant creature could, he was set down on the dinosaur’s back.

“Oh, little one, you have nothing to fear here.” The soft voice of the Brachiosaurus echoed in his ears.

“You can TALK?!” He exclaimed, almost losing his mind.

“Of course we can, little dreamer. It is not like you know everything about us,” it replied with a chuckle.

“Oh, wow! This…this changes everything! There are so many questions; so many conversations.” He rambled.

“And so little time,” it said with a quiet sigh. “What is pressing on your mind, dear one?”

“I…I don’t know,” he replied, surprised as his mind went blank. “Everything I was thinking has vanished.”

“Well then, just enjoy yourself in this little adventure,” it smiled, moving forward once again with the little boy on its back.

The adventurer took the time to take in the scenery that surrounded them. It was so beautiful and memorable, and so much to take in all at once.

“What do you call this place?” He asked absently.

“Earth,” the creature answered.


“How so?”

“That is what we call it too.”

“Interesting indeed. Perhaps we told you when you came along.”

“I don’t know, but I guess it is possible. Where are we going?”

“In a circle. You cannot stay long, little one. But please do enjoy your short stay.”

The dinosaur walked at a steady slow pace, making what appeared to be a big circle around a clearing not too far from his box. At least he would be able to make it home, not being taken too far from his ride. As they walked, various other creatures started to scatter from the underbrush, running all different directions at the sound of their footsteps. Various little dinosaurs he couldn’t remember the names of, birds, rodents, and other animals he did not recognize, darted beneath their legs.

As they continued their circle, he took note of the plant life as well. Massive flowers and trees, of all different colors, decorated the landscape.

“Do you have names for all plants and animals?” The little boy asked.

“We do, but only the ones in our area. I am sure the plant and animal life varies from place to place,” the creatured replied. “As I am sure it does where you come from.”

“Interesting. So many things I have never seen before. So exciting!” He laughed.

Suddenly, in the distance, there was a roar. Even from far away, it sent chills down his spine. He tried to see where it came from, but the source remained hidden from his sight.

“What…was that?” He asked, worried.

“We must get you back, now.” The creature’s footsteps picked up their pace.

“What was that,” he asked again.

“The enemy; the apex predator.”

“A T-Rex…” he mumbled, trailing off.

“A what?”

“I believe, it is what we call, a T-Rex.”

“What an interesting name for an animal,” the dinosaur smirked. “But come, we are almost to your ride.”

When they got close enough, his new friend lifted him off its back and carefully set him down on the ground next to the beat up cardboard box. Placing a hand on the side, the little boy sighed with a mild disappointment.

“I wish I could’ve stayed longer,” he admitted.

“I wish you could’ve as well, dear one, but perhaps another time,” the creature smiled, trying to urge the boy into the safety of the box.

They heard the roar again, but this time, it was much closer and the ground was starting to tremble again.

“Hurry! You don’t have much time, now!” The dinosaur hurried.

“Good-bye, my friend. Until we meet again,” the little traveler bowed.

“Good-bye, little one,” the dinosaur mimicked his action, bowing its head in his general direction.

As if it was an action film, he had no sooner opened the door when the T-Rex made its appearance in the clearing.

“Go! Now!” The Brachiosaurus urged.

Shuffling himself into the box, he set Teddy down by the control box and closed the door tight behind him. Outside, he could hear the sounds battle. He cringed, hoping his new found friend would be the victor in the battle of life or death. With a sigh, he stood by the controls, thinking of what he had just experienced. It was something no one had ever had the chance to do, and he had done in impossible.

“Teddy… let’s go home,” he said, trying to smile.

Pushing some buttons and pulling the lever, they took off. Jerking in all different directions, he once again tried to keep his footing as they flew through time and space. After several moments, they landed with a slight thud. Lowering his hand off the lever, he stood – unmoving – for several minutes.

“I hope our friend is okay, Teddy,” he said quietly.

Teddy nodded, with the help of his friend. Tucking Teddy under his arm, he opened the door of the box they found themselves back in their room.

“Welcome home, Teddy,” the little boy grinned, walking over to his bed where he set Teddy down by his pillows.

As he walked, he was careful to step around his toys that littered the floor. Dinosaurs, cars, and blocks were scattered about randomly. Not too far from the box, he noticed his T-Rex and his Brachiosaurus, engaged in an epic battle. A smile crept across his lips as he went to pick them up and separate them.

“Not today, my friend. Not today.”

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