Forgotten Footprints

Haphazard wanderings through world mazes;
a covenant, a quest for absent memories
of seasons long dead – forgotten in the thrum
of the eternal nothingness of my dying life.

I weep from what has been retained –
indestructible impressions on the undying;
a soul branded with symbols of who I am
and what I have ultimately become – lost.

By my side, you walk as if you care enough
to join in the battle for simple fragments –
pieces floating aimlessly in the void between;
I am just pretend, and always will be alone.

Locked away in scattered mental chests,
fragile thoughts of the past, purposefully hidden;
only released by the remembered. For me to relive,
will be my giving up happiness for the conviction.

And yet, the battlefield has shifted again,
as they fight against my surge upon them –
I cannot win this game. I watch the memories
fade in the ever welcoming and growing abyss.

They are gone, forever.

As am I…

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