Basement of Alcoholic Secrets

This contains a mildly descriptive sexual scene. If this is something you are sensitive to, read at your own risk. It is my story… Please be respectful.

He had small hands, and they roamed my body deliberately. It seemed innocent enough; massaging my shoulders and upper back. His attentions were a new experience, and unexpected. I melted beneath his gentle touch, lost in a blur of alcohol and emotions. My chair and I became one.

The coke seemed strong for just a soda. It was nasty, but I drank it to be cool. The room spun, and I slumped in the chair. A man stepped from the shadows and I was lifted onto his back with my arms around his neck. Quietly, we returned to the shadows, us three; bathed in the darkness of the future unknown.

I was placed on a rigid mattress. The light from upstairs did little to illuminate the obscurity. They were both there though; I could feel their breath on my skin, taunting my senses with their intentions. My pulse quickened in the fear of their judgments. Helped to a sitting position, I felt the release of my breasts, and my shirt removed. My protections were thrown down without a second thought.

Large hands ease me back to the mattress where I remained – exposed. He made no advances towards me, but his friend’s wet lips found mine as small hands caressed my body. I must have kissed him back because his pelvis pressed firmly against the fabric of my innocence. Pinned by his skinny frame, I tried to pretend it was not happening this way. I was drunk, terrified, and unable to fight back.

Empty eyes watched in anticipation for the action to begin. It was a game. The glimpses I caught made my skin crawl in horror. A grand scheme was displayed on his features, and I was the unsuspecting pawn on the board. Fingers toyed with my jeans and I watched them fly across the room. I felt as if I was floating in water; my body was heavy and muffled voices spoke in deep tones. He rose to his feet and his own pants fell to the floor; he was naked, and so was I.

Flesh against flesh; I could feel him move against me, rhythmically. I felt nothing, but something was being stolen from me and I merely let it happen. I wanted to scream, but a large hand clasped over my mouth without a sound being made. The lights flickered in the on position, and I squinted. He was finished, and I laid there – stunned.

Sweat from the forehead above mine, dripped its salty droplets on my neck. It was far from enticing. I was confused and was not exactly sure what had happened. I had so many questions, but my tongue would not move on my command. The male bodies rose to their feet and stepped away as a blanket flew over my nakedness. I felt very ashamed.

I was carried, once again, from one room to another. Wrapped in scratchy cloth, I was guided up the stairs to the bedroom, and put to bed. For a few hours, I felt safe. For a few hours, I forgot about the basement and the story it had to tell. For a few hours, I dreamed of nothing – and it was a beautiful feeling.

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