Tiny Pearls

She stood before the fulllength mirror, admiring the reflection of a woman about to present herself to the world. Trembling hands fumbled with the string of tiny white pearls. Each orb was a reminder of defeated obstacles. They were a collection of memories, trapped for her sanity; protection for a fragile and battered mind. It was a necklace which represented a heart stronger than the pain it had endured. Those small pearls gave the world a soul who smiled because life was an adventure worth experiencing and anyone could rise from the ashes, liberated and renewed from the torment of another’s choices.  

Eyes of wisdom beyond their years reflected the strength of the woman standing tall in the mirror. There was no perfection in what was revealed, but there was an acceptance for who she had been and who she would be in time. A knowing smile tugged at her lips for an innocence long lost, but there was not a drop of remorse left upon them. The heart knew everything had happened for a reason, bringing her to this point in time. A new woman had been born from the past, and she was never going back. She was where she wanted to be; where she was supposed to be, and that was her victory. 

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