The Little Story Time Traveler

“Breakfast!” A woman’s voice hollered from downstairs. Blue eyes peeked out of the box; he was not hungry. Besides, adventure was calling and Teddy was looking at him expectantly. Giving his red plaid bow-tie a quick wiggle, he grinned. Teddy was winning the argument and the call of the box was impossible to resist. He…Read more The Little Story Time Traveler

Little Prehistoric Traveler

“Whatcha think, Teddy?” A charmed smile radiated beyond the little boy's lips; eyes full of a hunger to meddle with his curiosities. His imagination was ablaze, and yet, Teddy remained silent. He pressed buttons as quickly as he could. The box spun and lurched, tossing him and Teddy across the box. All of a sudden,…Read more Little Prehistoric Traveler