Lifeless eyes meet mine through the small window of the padded room. I try to look away, but something in my heart wouldn’t let me. Her pale lips curve into a crooked smile that makes a shiver travel up and down my spine. A matted mess of dark knots float around her head, only giving … Continue reading Betrayal

Broken Lighters

The coffee shop was empty. It was closing in a couple minutes and time was running out. He had waited for several hours, but the realization was sinking in fast; she wasn’t coming. With a quick glance at this phone, he packed up his things and thanked the girl behind the counter as he made … Continue reading Broken Lighters

Playing House

​"Hey Shara!" Brandon hollered. I hurried out of sight, turning crimson for being seen - especially by him. He was my crush, if an eight year old could have one. Neighborhood friends, we spent most of our free time at each other's houses, doing a variety of activities: football, baseball, basketball, trampolines, hide and seek, … Continue reading Playing House

Little Prehistoric Traveler

“Whatcha think, Teddy?”  A charmed smile radiated beyond the little boy's lips; eyes full of a hunger to meddle with his curiosities. His imagination was ablaze and Teddy remained silent. He pressed buttons as fast as he could. The box spun and lurched, tossing him and Teddy across the box. The box spun out of control and he had no idea where they were … Continue reading Little Prehistoric Traveler